1. Motorcity

From the recording SK 2021


Motor City 1/31/21
We were made in the Motor City
Motor City is where I’m from
We were made in the Motor City
Motor City is Number One

Henry Ford had a good idea
Buildin’ cars in a factory
We all came to Detroit City
Us blacks, us Jews, us hillbillies

Nine to five, on the line
Making ‘Stangs , ‘Vettes and Dodge R/T’s
Quitting time, we go drivin’
Burning rubber and letting off steam

At the Fox - Marvin, Martha
The Tops, the Tempts and a wonder who’s blind
Grandee Ballroom, Psychedelic Stooges
Amboy Dukes and the MC5
Chorus (here, for sure I’d go straight to the bridge)

Driving down Woodward on a Friday night
Pedal to the metal all the lights are green
We build ‘em, we drive ‘em
Those Detroit muscle machines

Got the dial on the ABX
Makin’ love and smokin’ weed
You can take me out of the Motor City
But you can’t take the Motor City outa me
‘cause I was
MADE in the Motor City