From the recording SK 2021


The Devil’s Candy

I”m not gonna weep
I’m not gonna moan
I’m not gonna lie to you -
Not in this song

Maybe it was Boston
Maybe Baltimore
It doesn’t make any difference -
Not anymore

She’s not the Devil
She’s not the Devil
She’s not the Devil
She’s the Devil’s Candy

I saw her through her curtain
Where no one else could see
But I knew for certain
She had come for me

WE danced on the cobble stones
Eager to be touched
And there was no one else - in the world
But us


Some doors open
Some doors close
She was here
Now she’s gone

The explanation -
“That’s the way it goes”
Why things happen like they do
Nobody knows


Maybe tomorrow
I’ll see her again
Maybe in Morocco
But until then..

I forgive you for the heartache
Forgive you the mistakes
The missteps and the chances
We never got to take


With music to amuse me
And money in my hands
I could be an Angel
But I’d rather be a man