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"Against the Current"

Solomon King’s Remarkable New Record, Against the Current, Offers Love Songs to his Brother, Black Holes & a Pussy Cat
 By Ashley Jude Collie for the Huffington Post
“From the Black Hole Sun/We have run
To sing our song/Our Song of Love
57 Octaves below middle C
57 below...”
—“57 Octaves” by Solomon King from Against the Current
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"Against the Current"

click to preview "Against the Current"

"Against the Current" Pre Release

by Solomon King

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"Against the Current" Pre Release

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Echoes of Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Igor Stravinsky and Richard Wagner. So many terrifying inspirations but ultimately uniquely Solomon King... because in the end we can only be who we have become... Very limited pressing. Purchase the vinyl or CD presale and get a FREE download of the album NOW!

Expected release: October 28, 2016

  1. 1 57 Octaves (below middle C) 04:59 Info
  2. 2 Shadow Land 04:55 Info
  3. 3 Against the current (media preview) 06:00 Info
  4. 4 Cocaine Blues 04:03 Info
  5. 5 Pussy Cat (media preview) 05:52 Info
  6. 6 Underground Brother 03:42 Info
  7. 7 Come Home Soon 03:57 Info

Solomon King:  Vox, Guitar
Paul Cassarino: Drums
Gary Curto:  Keyboards
Doug Lunn:  Bass
Steve Trovato: Guitar
Eva Reistad: Engineer
Produced by: Solomon King
Recorded at:  Kingsize Soundlabs & Chateau Normandie
Photos:  Cynthia Molnar
Preview - purchase - Free download

Preview - purchase - Free download

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