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"Against the Current"

Solomon King’s Remarkable New Record, Against the Current, Offers Love Songs to his Brother, Black Holes & a Pussy Cat
 By Ashley Jude Collie for the Huffington Post
“From the Black Hole Sun/We have run
To sing our song/Our Song of Love
57 Octaves below middle C
57 below...”
—“57 Octaves” by Solomon King from Against the Current
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"Against the Current"

click to preview "Against the Current"

Solomon King:  Vox, Guitar
Paul Cassarino: Drums
Gary Curto:  Keyboards
Doug Lunn:  Bass
Steve Trovato: Guitar
Eva Reistad: Engineer
Produced by: Solomon King
Recorded at:  Kingsize Soundlabs & Chateau Normandie
Photos:  Cynthia Molnar

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